We’ve partnered with Varsity Detailing to bring you a first-hand experience with their services. All opinions are my own and 100% genuine!

Varsity Detailing

Since becoming a mom, I’ve had to let go of that desire for a spotless and clean car. If it weren’t for my husband cleaning the exterior every, our vehicle would resemble something from a monster truck rally. Having a clean exterior allows me to hide the embarrassment that lives inside of it. But when I drive my tween daughter and her friends around, it’s quite the scene as they all play detective asking “what’s that wet spot?” or “what’s that thing?” Then comes my typical response “Don’t mind the mess”. Sound familiar? Whenever I have a passenger, I am constantly picking up and moving around something to make room – whether it’s food crumbs, wrappers, toys, shoes or frantically clean off random food and dirt splodges with a baby wipe. It’s definitely not something that creates a feeling of pride or welcoming.

Varsity Detailing

Yikes! The kid-factor is strong is my vehicle!

I have always loved the idea of getting my car detailed but never followed through on getting it done in the past. So, when the opportunity came up to have my car detailed by a new local mobile cleaning company Varsity Detailing, I jumped at the chance! For one, I’ve never had my car professionally detailed, and for two, I can’t remember the last time the interior of the car was even cleaned. So the convenience, time savings and the feeling of driving a car that was more than a messy mom-mobile was very appealing to me. Here are the top four reasons why I loved Varsity Detailing: 

  1. Easy Scheduling

It was super easy to book an appointment and they were punctual, polite and professional. I visited their website to find information about their services and costs and was immediately able to book an appointment online for the next day! I really appreciate being able to quickly schedule something that fits within my calendar or timetable and making online bookings is my preferred method. It was a nice feature to have from a new business!

Varsity Detailing

Before & After

  1. They Come to YOU!

Not only was it great being able to get my car detailed when I wanted to and on my schedule, but I didn’t have to go out of my way to find their business location or try to coordinate transportation or something to do during the three hours they pristinely cleaned every nook and cranny of my car. I scheduled my appointment for the 3 hour window that my one year old naps and I was able to stay at home doing other things…aka: housework. It’s like double duty having your car get cleaned while you are doing something else! Brilliant!

  1. Affordable

When my tenant started chatting to the guys while they were working on my car, he considered booking a service for his own vehicle. At first he was a little taken back by the price for the same service I was getting (their premium Varsity Detail Package for $149) until he learned ALL that was included. All of a sudden it seemed very reasonable compared to how many times he goes through a drive through wash a summer, which only does the outside and frankly, doesn’t do that great of a job. They also offer separate packages of interior or exterior cleans for much less, if you’d rather do one or the other. However, for me, the premium package was well worth the cost to making my car look and feel brand new and I would happily pay that to have my car detailed the next time it needs it.

I have already recommended Varsity Detailing to my friend who also got her car done a few days after me…as she put it: “I’ve wanted a new car for a while, so I’d rather spend the $149 than trade in my vehicle and spend thousands more to get a new one.” On Point!

Varsity Detailing

Before & After

  1. Attention to Detail

They got inside every. little. spot. where dirt and dust could hide – the cup holders, the sleeve on the sides of the doors, the vents, under the seats, the door jambs, every possible surface inside and out was sparkling and shiny! There was no need to reminisce about driving a car that didn’t have goldfish crackers smushed into the seats after the work they did…it felt brand new all over again! Even though they ended up taking slightly longer than the time frame they had quoted me, I was pleasantly surprised to find they didn’t sacrifice quality for time and stayed to finish the job without question.

BONUS REASON :: I love supporting young, hardworking entrepreneurs

I had a chance to briefly chat with the owners of Varsity Detailing, Liam and Mitch, and they mentioned they are also university students at Queens. As a former business student myself, and maybe it is the ‘mom’ in me, I am always excited to see young people out there working hard and doing what it takes to make an income! They will be around all summer helping moms like you and I by taking care of what is likely our most used and abused possession. When they head back to their studies in the fall, their business will have to take a back seat, so be sure to give them a call or visit their website to make a booking before then!

Varsity Detailing

I was very happy with the job they did on my car and it feels great to be able drive around with a boost in confidence that you get from having a shiny, spotless car, and no longer embarrassment for the state it was in. As is typical with anything newly cleaned, we are all trying extra hard to keep it looking and feeling that way so that we can enjoy our “new car” feeling for as long as possible. Every time I get into my car, I squeal with delight about how clean it is and how great it feels to roll around in my shiny wheels! I highly recommend looking into Varsity Detailing so you can feel the same this summer!

To inquire or learn more about what they offer, you can contact Liam and Mitch at Varsity Detailing through their Website, on Facebook, by phone 250-661-2575, or by emailing them at lmckay@varsitydetailing.com


Owners, Liam and Mitch, love what they do and want everyone to experience the feeling of driving a car that feels new without the new car price tag. So to top it off, they are offering one lucky winner a Grand Prize detailing job!

The Prize:

  • Grand Prize: Full Service Varsity Detailing (inside and out vehicle detailing). $149 value.

Contest Closed:

Winner: Charlene Christensen

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