Teen Gift Buying Guide

You know the drill. You ask your teen what they want for Christmas and they shrug. Or worse, their list consists of laptops, trips, or even a car. Yeah, maybe this year the old iTunes gift card isn’t going to cut it.

Yeah, yeah, I know … your teen loves gift cards. It gives them control over what they buy for themselves, and it is so easy. No real thought required. Oh wait, isn’t it the thought that counts?

I’m here to help. With some sleuthing, some begging, and some undercover work on my own kids, I’ve managed to come up with 14 ideas your teen can actually unwrap Christmas morning. And the best part? Most are even from local stores! Your welcome. P.S.: You will still see a few unique gift card suggestions…it’s impossible to completely avoid!

Beyond the gift card there are a myriad of gifts that a lot of teens would love:

1. Nice travel mug to keep their morning coffee/tea/hot chocolate warm that also supports local Indigenous artists from Native Northwest Canada

2. A box of sweet treats for your teen from Chocolats Favoris

3. The new Lightbox version of having a hand scrawled sign that says “Jane’s Room: Keep Out!”

4. This interesting board game … because everyone already has Cards Against Humanity

5. This sweater … because it is time:

6. If Wes Anderson had a stationary store this would be it. This gift from the expertly curated shop, The Regional Assembly of Text, allows your teen to receive one little book a month on various topics such as “Make the most of TOAST” and “Perhaps Facts”.

7. This ugly Christmas sweater that is sure to bring back the memory of a holiday movie favourite.

8. Because everyone needs a decorative alpaca to keep their earrings in.

9. Even the most jaded teen can find pleasure in the fizz and pop of a bath bomb. Bonus: it gets your teen clean!

10. A roadside emergency kit for any driving teen.

11. Safety first for when your teen walks the dog at night.

12. For the teen that really needs that perfect shoe to cap off that outfit consisting of a hoodie and leggings.

13. When the regular old stuffed animal won’t do…try this

14. Really, the product description says it all: “It is actually a neck pillow designed with the texture and hue of shrimp skin to a degree that feels amazing like a real shrimp. You may have many neck pillows, but it is not double (??) none of those neck pillows were ever delicious-looking that will leave you hungry, or want to fry it for lunch. It can be used as cushion, pillow or toys whether for your office, cars, or any place where you are nodding off.”

Gift cards – give the gift of an experience:

Sometimes your kid has everything they would ever need or want. That’s when the gift of an experience would be great, and when a gift card is a great choice:

Escape Room Gift Cards :: Consider a gift voucher for your teen so they and a few of their friends can experience one of the many escape/puzzle room locations in Victoria. You’ll be locked in a room with 60 or so minutes to escape from the room. In an escape room, players must discover patterns, find clues, and solve puzzles within the time limit in order to escape. Players work as a team, relying on observation, instinct and creativity to escape from the room.

Art Classes :: A budding art student can really benefit from additional instruction beyond the walls of your typical school approved art class. There are many venues for art instruction in Victoria. Consider a multi-age class at the art gallery, or a more focused class at a private location.

DJ Lessons :: Develop artistic talent further by letting your teen explore their musical side.

Climbing Experience :: Let your teen get solid footing through a climbing experience at one of the indoor climbing gyms in Victoria.