Thank you to Tamara Lukie from Tamara Maria Wellness for putting this thoughtful post and tips together on the importance of Self Care

Spring Cleaning

Editors note: Though the opinions and information in this post are those of a qualified professional, the post is not intended to substitute/replace direct consultation with a qualified advisor or industry professional about your unique scenario.

It’s been a long cold winter….

…Long ass cold winter.

I’m sure it dragged on for everyone right? I mean, I feel like I’ve been stuck in the house forever making yet another stew to keep us warm and fed. I feel like I’ve binge watched every tv series on Netflix and eaten every sort of chip and popcorn snack out there. (Miss you ketchup Doritos, I’ll never forget you) 😉

But now that the blossoms have started to push their way out of the frozen ground and the sun is starting to shine and warm my pale face, it’s becoming very apparent that it’s time to clear the dust bunnies from the bedroom closets, recycle all these wine bottles I was collecting over the winter months and it’s definitely time to spring clean this body of mine.

I’m not sure about you, but spring cleaning my house is far less daunting then thinking about spring cleaning my body…. I mean I want to, but the results are far less immediate for me to stay motivated….

Thankfully, my urge to purge the nasty winter habits is far stronger then eating the rest of the salted caramel hagen daz with the left over red in the fridge.

Over the years I’ve come up with 3 simple but very effective steps to bringing my body back to life, and I’d love to share them with you. Follow them with me to get that body back into a state of balance and abundance. We want to remove the toxins out of our bodies (gently and safety), and we want to make it ready to appreciate and use all the nutrients we are about to shower it with (think salads, fresh fruit, in season farmers market produce, etc).

3 Steps to Spring Cleaning YOUR sexy bod!


First things first, we need to drink more h2o. The more water we take into our bodies, the better our mental functioning becomes (did you know our brain is mostly water) and the smoother things start moving around on the inside too (think lubricated joints, less constipation and all the toxins and junk literally getting flushed out). I start by swapping the first drink of the morning (usually coffee) with warm lemon water or ACV (apple cider vinegar) water. I recommend continuing the h2o trend by drinking your winter weight in water.  Just kidding! … go for 1/2 your weight in ounces. Eg: If you weigh 150 pounds, you would aim to drink about 75 ounces of water per day

Don’t think you can manage all that bland water? Try it with any variety of frozen fruit or a few drops of a food safe essential oil. Need some tips on how to get more water into you? Try downing a glass every time you go to the washroom, or just before you want a cup of tea or coffee, have another glass whenever you get up from your desk or at the top of the hour (every hour). There are even apps that will keep track for you!


Yup you gotta move and sweat. Sweat out the toxins and move your muscles, get your heart and blood pumping and remind yourself that your still able to get moving (even if we feel like we can’t). When we move our bodies and use our muscles on a daily basis we are helping to reduce buildup of waste and toxins as well as getting our blood flowing and circulation much more active. You don’t need to sign up for a daily boxing routine, but a good 15-30 minutes of elevated heart rate is what we’re going for.

Need ideas of what to do? Jogging, yoga, running, speed walking, swimming, b-ball, soccer, frisbee, jumping jacks, tag with the kids, skipping rope, skating, hiking our beautiful wilderness, weights, sex or even a vigorous house cleaning can do the trick. For an added tip, swap your toxic deodorant for a natural and effective crystal. These can be found at most health stores and even at the local pharmacy or grocery store. They’re effective because they actually kill yucky bacteria that causes odor that your armpits can harbour but don’t clog your pores with chemicals (that can cause more damage in the end).


Get to bed earlier and make your sleep count. I know I know, I said go to sleep earlier … LOL … and I get how hard that can be. Sometimes the deep dark hours of the night are the only hours we have to ourselves…. but true, restful sleep is the only kind that’s really worth it. Sleep is when our bodies unwind and refresh, it’s when they rest and repair. Did you know that it’s also the time when stress doesn’t get to us and when our bodies can actually get a chance to repair themselves properly from all the earlier stress, germ attacks and muscle use. Our hard working bodies at least deserve that, don’t you agree?

But how do we get that elusive sleep? We have to start by turning the phone, tv, iPad, computer, and tablet off at least 45-60 min before we plan on laying our head on that pillow of ours (don’t worry, Instagram and FB will still be there and can wait till tomorrow). Dim the lights, put a rose quartz under your pillow, try some Bach mimulus drops (or melatonin) to help settle your racing mind or indulge in an epsom salt bath and passionflower tea. All these tips and more are a great start.

Did you know…. The ideal time to be asleep by is 10-11pm (with your alarm waking you up at 530-630). Are you even close to that? Probably not, start by settling down 15-25 minutes earlier every night. By the end of the week you should be fairly bang on!

These are simple yet very effective steps and you’ll see great results if you stay gentle but consistent with yourself. Our bodies have been stagnant for too long this winter and trust me they’re craving these easy and sustainable tricks. A few days of hydrating, sweating and resting up and you will notice more energy, a sustained and positive mood and less fogginess in the brain. You’ll also notice a craving for more fruits and veggies (hey, it’s no coincidence they’re in season now too). Take advantage of the sun and over all happy feelings. We sure deserve it after that long winter!