It’s that time of year…at least for me anyways. Some are able to glide through the Holidays, no sweat…but I tend to put too much pressure on myself. I know…I know… So for me, the Holidays are a little less gliding and a little more stress and late night wrapping. Being a master procrastinator and leaving things to the last minute maaaaay having something to do with it.

Inspirational Quote Poster

This year I am trying to focus on reminding myself to RELAX. Remind myself that I don’t need to do everything and be everything to everyone, including my own high-expectations self. The decorations do not need to be showroom worthy all throughout the house. My daughter isn’t going to care whether my wrapping is wrinkled. Store bought chocolates placed out on the table will be just as appreciated by guests…*hint:: bonus points if they are booze filled!

With that said – I have decided to make a printable to hang up in my house to remind me of this not just around the Holidays, but everyday throughout the year. Because as moms, we know how valuable this advice can be during those particular stressful moments of parenting.

To download and print this free inspirational quote poster, click HERE and print onto 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I printed onto a lightweight card stock, framed it in a simple white frame, and hung it in a place that I go to when I need to take a breather to ensure I will see and be reminded of this simple, yet powerful phrase to switch my mindset from hectic to zen. Well…almost zen 😉

Do you have a favorite motivational quote that inspires you? Let us know in a comment below and we will work at creating more printable inspirational posters for you all!

Inspirational Quote Poster