We officially had our second event and it was nothing short of filled with highs as well as some lows. One of the goals of VMB is to love on our community as well as the people in it, and while this event may not have turned out the way any of us had expected, I believe we still met a very important goal.

Also, VMB started with the goal of being 100% owned and written by real local moms who can be trusted to only share the truth. We strive to keep this blog an honest and trusted resource other moms can turn to, and so below is a full recap of our recent Book Reading.

Victoria Book Reading

On April 29th, VMB readers & their kiddos came together for a Book Reading event at The Cottage Picnic + Play. This space is beautiful west coast style, the food is delicious, the indoor playground area is amazing, and we were delighted they wanted to sponsor by providing half their space for the event! As we arrived at 10:30am, everything started off great – moms were welcomed, snacks were being brought out courtesy of The Cottage, and kids were happily playing.

Book Reading   Book Reading

Unfortunately we need to apologize for the unexpected turn the event quickly took. With it being a rainy day that day, people must have been looking for indoor activities to do and The Cottage got SWAMPED with customers shortly before the book reading was set to begin at 11:00am…the play area became much too loud and busy for a book reading and I am very sorry…but I don’t think anyone received a cup of coffee that was promised! I know I could have used one…or a glass of wine…anything by that point! I soon found myself unable to distinguish between The Cottages customers and our event guests to welcome them as they arrived. I resorted to walking around the place asking all the moms I could find if they were there for the event! YIKES! NOT the organized plan I had in mind!

Book Reading   Book Reading

Although the event did not turn out the way we had hoped, there were still a handful of local businesses in addition to The Cottage that came together in an effort to make it fun that deserve a big thank you. First -a huge shout out and thank you goes out to Used.ca Victoria for being our Title Sponsor and making this event possible! They are involved in so many great happenings around town and we are so thankful they have decided to support our events for 2017.

Book Reading

Pippin’s Press writes, illustrates, and hand crafts each book and fine arts item right here in Victoria!

The lovely Kyla, a children’s book author from Pippins Press & Fine Arts, was their to provide our book reading. She writes, illustrates, prints and binds all of her books right here in Victoria and we were ecstatic to have her! Upon our first meeting a couple of months ago, she was even kind enough to gift my daughter one of her books, “A Rabbits Moon“, which y daughter now refers to as The Bunny Book and is a bedtime story staple in our household. Despite the very loud space and play area, for her first book Kyla did her best to power through that room full of 10+ energetic toddlers the only way I am sure any mama could describe: like a CHAMP! Even if the circumstances were not ideal, she did an amazing job and if you have a chance to check out her website and keep-sake quality books, I HIGHLY recommend it!

Book Reading

Ra Photography Studio captured all the photos you see in this post from the event!

Raj from Ra Photography Studio was also there capturing all the fun and all the photos in this post are by her! Raj’s has a knack and passion for family photoshoots and an amazing personality that makes anyone around feel at ease, which makes for capturing the perfectly candid family moments and kids being kids. She is offering mini photoshoots featuring moms for Mothers Day 2017 because she feels every Mother deserves beautiful photos with her children. So often we are behind the camera documenting our children’s & family’s daily lives & missing from the photos, and so she wants to help moms get in the photos as a family this Mothers Day!

Book Reading

Carrot cake and chocolate cupcakes, and vegan/gluten free brownies!

Last but definitely not least, we need to mention the cupcakes and brownies provided by Cake By Taryn. These were to DIE FOR! Did you manage to grab one? The book reading may not have turned out like we had hoped, but one thing is for sure, the cupcakes and brownies were a major hit – almost every one was scooped up by the end. One of our event guests also happened to be getting her daughters birthday cake made and dropped off by Taryn at the same time as our event treats and raved about it the next day too!

Book Reading

And most importantly, thank you to all of our attendees! Thank you for your understanding and grace while we had a hard time facilitating this event. A couple moms even came up to me to say “the book reading may not have turned out, but it turned into a fun play date instead!”. And of course, thank you for helping us achieve a big part of our mission behind our events: loving on our community – 100% of the proceeds get donated to a local charity and this time we chose to benefit 1Up Single Parent Resource.

To show our appreciation for your understanding of the mishaps of this event, Victoria Moms Blog would like to offer all guests who “purchased” their tickets for this event by donation a free ticket to our next event (could be a kid-friendly event or a moms only event!). We will notify all guests that registered for the book reading event when tickets for the next event become available and we hope to get the chance to make it up to you at the next one!

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