Better Wife Mother

Do you make resolutions each New Year? Do you find they work to keep you motivated to make changes in your life, or are they soon forgotten as soon as February hits? Every year, I find myself like many others making resolutions to eat better, exercise more and to generally make healthier choices. I find that I can stick with my resolutions for about a maximum of 3 months. I’m not sure exactly why this seems to be my typical length of focus when it comes to eating well and exercising, but I am one of those yo-yo dieters who at the start of the year proclaims to be better and do better and after my honeymoon phase has worn off, I spend the next 2-3 months on the fat train. Then I get my butt in gear and go hard again for another 2-3 months and then off. This roller coaster of health is not ideal, but I believe that making small incremental changes helps in the long run. So, I continue. But, not this year!

This year, instead of repeating the same old patterns in hopes of a new me, I have decided to do something different that I am hoping will last the entire year. You see, in 2015 we had a baby. Having the new baby in our family has meant that 2016 was the year of the boss baby! She often takes the spotlight in almost every situation, decision, schedule and plan. She is always the focal point. That means my husband and oldest daughter are taking a backseat on the mommy train and not getting the best ride.

“As part of my resolution, I’ve been thinking about how to implement it….The answer came to me in the form of a Christmas Gift.”

That’s why I decided in 2017 that I am going to be a better wife and mother. I am going to carve out time for each of my relationships with my husband and my oldest daughter. I want to show them that they are every bit as important to me now as they were before the baby came. I want them to know that I love them just as much as the baby and they are both important to me and to our family. I want to improve my relationships in 2017 and that is my New Year’s resolution!

As part of my resolution, I’ve been thinking about how to implement it. How can I be a better wife and mother? How can I find the time to give to my family? The answer came to me in the form of a Christmas Gift. I will be giving each of them a Year of Dates! I have made a list of 12 different dates for each of them, I have scheduled one date a month with each of them, I have lined up a babysitter and I have purchased various gift cards or materials to help me implement the dates. Everything is all set up and ready to go for the year ahead and for a successful New Year’s resolution! Bring on 2017!

If you are interested in doing something similar, there are a lot of great ideas on the internet – Google, Pinterest etc. And I have created a mix of indoor, outdoor, free and paid dates that will keep us entertained throughout the year. I am very excited to see how this resolution transforms my relationships with my loved ones and makes me a better mother and wife.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions that are different than the typical ones? I’d love to hear about them. Share them below by commenting on the blog or Facebook page!