Do you have an opinion about being a van mom? As a mom, I told myself I would never own a van. Like owning a van meant losing something. But here I am ladies, just turned 32 and about to become a van mom. I never thought I would see the day. The very thought of it made me so uncomfortable. Why I thought I could sneak by with the “cooler” family SUV I don’t know. Just the other day my husband (who is totally on board for a van) and I went shopping for a new vehicle. I had already done my research online and knew which SUV’s had the 7 or 8 seat options, and was ready to show my husband how great the SUV’s would be… or so I thought.

“Famous last words: That will never happen to me”

We have two little ones and more planned to be on the way, so our needs rely on safety and car seat space. The very nice salesman shows me a lovely large SUV with 8 seats, but it will not fit our car seats all in the 2nd row. So I said, “can you show me a model with the 2nd row that glides forward so I don’t have to take out a car seat out every time I want to go to the back”. No kidding…he replies, “ Yes MA’AM, it’s called a van!” Okay… I will ignore the Ma’am thing for a moment, but did he really just say that to me? Apparently all the functions I was asking for were only in a van, clearly crushing my cool SUV dreams. The kicker is that they are cheaper too! So not only do they have all the options and features I want, but now you’re telling me it’s cheaper too. Let’s be serious, I accused my husband of paying the car salesman to bring these facts to my attention. Is it too much to ask to have 6 of the 8 seats occupied, mostly by car seats, with a double stroller and a Costco shop all in one place!

Famous last words, “That will never happen to me”. But with 2 kids both in car seats and more on the way it just is the right option for us and our family. So I justify it this way, I would move a mountain for my kids so I guess being a van mom will have to do. I know I’m not alone out there when I talk about the sadness in owning a van. A lovely friend of mine cried when she got hers. I know it seems silly to some, but it is real!

And what is so uncool about vans anyway? After all most are loaded with all bells and whistles including TV’s. My personal distaste could stem from the fact that my parents owned a van, and I will tell you, it was the captain of all uncool vans. I’m talking about the beige van with the “wood paneling” which I’m told is a sticker. That was my ride for many years.

I was talking about my new van purchase to a cousin of mine and his perspective made me laugh. He says “ I loved all the van moms! They always had the most friends over (cause they could drive everyone) and always had snacks in the back!” So, being a van mom to this kid is cool!

So ladies, at the end of the day, if you are a mom out there like me who has told yourself you would never be a van mom, I’m here to tell you…. I’m going to be a cool mom that drives a van at the same time. I promise to take care of all your kids I’m driving [remove them all around] and of course will have snacks! I will OWN it and rock it! No shame, just pride that I’m still cool and lucky enough to have a growing family that fits in a van!