We’ve partnered with Jumping Fitness Victoria to share with you a first-hand experience of their mom-friendly classes. All opinions are my own and 100% genuine!

Fitness Class

I haven’t been to a fitness class in a minimum of 2 years … chances are it’s been longer than that. As a mom of two busy kids I haven’t made the time to reconnect with myself and my body. When I had the opportunity to try a class at Jumping Fitness Victoria I literally “jumped” at the chance. I had seen advertisements for it on Facebook and heard about how there is a play area provided for parents to bring their littles along during the morning classes which I thought was really neat. I was eager to give it a try so packed up my daughter and worked up my determination just enough to head out the door to give it a try!

I arrived early, as I hate being late especially to somewhere I have never been before. The space is at the WZ Latin Party Fitness studio in Langford and was bright, fun and inviting and even though we were there to work out, it somehow felt relaxing to be there. The owner and instructor, Mel, greeted me and my daughter and as I took in the room full of individual trampolines, one of my biggest fears suddenly struck me. Many of you mama’s who have experienced this after having children will know what I mean.


I quickly confessed my concerns when it comes to exercising/jumping post-babies. Mel was very reassuring and kind about my worries. As a mom of 2 herself, she shared with me her own tips she uses to help combat that. Mel also took the time to go over some of the basic moves with me to help me with the best form to use.

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I really liked that after every song she took the time to check in and ask how everyone was feeling and encouraged feedback. She was full of positive reinforcement throughout each new routine that we did. The song choices were great! If I had the breath to sing along to them I would have! I even found myself concentrating on singing the songs in my head so much that the class flew by, rather than focusing on “uhhhgg, 20 more minutes left…”.

I was both excited and nervous of the claim that it is child friendly. I went in unsure of how I was going to manage getting a decent workout in while chasing my busy toddler around. Committing to a class when you have kids just isn’t always an option so I found it was a great perk when I saw that Mel has a designated area of toys right next to where the workout happens. I didn’t feel like I was going to miss classes if I didn’t have childcare, and it was easy to tend to my daughter quickly if needed and jump right back in and pick up where I left off.

Fitness Class

Mel often brings her two children, and another mom also had her daughter there too who is about 6 months older than mine and it was nice seeing them run, play and jump together. Mel told us that creating a welcoming space with kids in mind and a class with moms in mind was very important to her. She wanted to make is EASY for moms with kids to get a good workout in. That is definitely encouraging to come back with my daughter. The social aspect was a bonus for the two of us. I got to work out and she got to play.

The workouts were great. If you wanted a higher intensity work out it was totally up to you and how you moved your body. So new people like me and someone who has been going for a while can both equally participate and workout to the same song but our intensity levels are what we make them. I really enjoyed that I had control over my workout and no one cared or was affected if I needed to slow down and catch my breath. As Mel said to us: “Just have fun and do what works for you…the rest will come with time!”

I would not hesitate to recommend trying this class. Now that summer is over and the older kids are back into routine, it was a perfect time for me to join a new fitness class and do something for myself too.

If you want to give it a try too, Mel is offering the first class for FREE! To learn more or to book your first free class, you can contact Mel at Jumping Fitness Victoria through her Website, on Facebook, by phone 604-363-6006, or by emailing her at jumpingfitnessvictoria@gmail.com

Mel is so inviting, the atmosphere is so friendly (especially to moms bringing little ones), and I left red-faced and sweaty from a great workout… and probably the biggest accomplishment: I didn’t wet myself!


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