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little libraries

Little libraries have swept across North America in recent years and there are now more than 100 little libraries in Victoria alone. Originally created by a gentleman to honour his late mother who was a teacher and book lover, it has become a movement.

And what is not to love?

We love people donating their books and borrowing from little libraries instead of buying new. Don’t get me wrong; a new book with no crease in the spine is a glorious thing, but here at, we want folks to think used first.

A well-loved book has its own story. Maybe it was a childhood favourite worn and dogeared from being read every night. Or an inspiring tale that was read again and again in times of struggle. When you pick up a used book, you can almost feel the emotion of all those who have held it before and leafed through the pages.

There are so many reasons to love little libraries. We love that they promote:


We love the sense of community that is created by sharing with your neighbours. It demonstrates the generosity of people who donate their books and gives us all an opportunity to chat with the folks next door.


Little libraries give you reading options that you may never have heard of or considered. You never know what literary treasure might be waiting for you. There could be a new favourite tucked away.

The Environment!

Little libraries help keep books out of landfills by sharing instead of trashing. You can create your own library and see what books you collect. The key to building your own is to think green by using recycled or found materials. Libraries can be made from reclaimed wood to old microwaves to old filing cabinets. You are only limited by your imagination. For ideas and plans, you can check out Pinterest.

Click here for a map of the libraries in the Victoria area.