Niki Jackman, a mom and owner of Divine Delights Cupcakery, runs a home bakery where she fills custom orders for birthdays, weddings, and every occasion in between, and whips up the most delicious (and my personal favourite!) chocolate frosting you could imagine! Yum! I had the pleasure of working with Niki and tasting her drool-worthy cupcakes at out our first VMB Moms Event. Let me tell you, her baked treats are so good…I knew I had to share the details with you all! Here is the inside scoop on Niki and her business Divine Delights Cupcakery (read through to bottom for how you can receive a discount off a future order!):

Victoria Moms Blog: Could you tell us a little about yourself personally?

Niki: I am a mom of 3 beautiful tiny humans. 2 living and 1 who passed during birth. My children have shown me so much over the last 4 years. They have helped me grow personally and have thrown me deep into the children’s party and smash cake side of my business. I have an incredible partner in life who I owe so much to for his support and love through many late baking nights and kitchen take-overs. I have an incredible passion for my work and I LOVE helping brides, mom’s and everyone else bring to life the cake creations they have in their minds.

VMB: When did you start Divine Delights Cupcakery?cupcakery

Niki: I started baking from scratch with my mom when I was a small child. Once I entered adulthood and saw some of the amazing creations being made on all of the cake baking shows I thought “how cool would that be to make a cake like that”… and off I soared!! I would have to say that I started taking it seriously as a business venture approximately 7 years ago when my friends and family continuously told me I needed to start selling my creations for events.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so. I truly love what I do.

VMB: Would you mind telling us how you got start on baking?

Niki: I guess I kind of answered that in the last question. I made my first “intense” tiered cake for a previous partner of mine for his 25th birthday.  It was a two tiered, golf themed birthday cake that seemed to wow all of the attendees. That was the first time I dipped my toes into the waters of elaborate cake creations. After that I started looking for any occasion to create something fun or beautiful. After approximately a year of creating for fun and having almost every person in my life tell me I needed to do it as a business I finally decided to build my business.

VMB: Of all the orders you get in from customers, what’s your favourite thing to bake?

Niki: I honestly don’t think I can decide. I absolutely love helping brides make their dream cakes a reality for their special day. Being able to make some truly stunning edible art to be the focal point of a reception is so rewarding and fulfilling. However, I also completely adore getting back photos of my customer’s babies doing their cake smashes for their 1st birthdays. Or, doing fun and spunky cakes for children’s birthday parties. Ahhh, I seriously can’t decide!!

cupcakeryVMB: You are a busy woman! How do you balance it all!? Motherhood, family life and a baking business?

Niki: With an incredibly supportive and loving partner. That’s the only way! Although, sometimes I’m pretty sure I’m nearly certifiably insane.

VMB: Haha! I think all moms can relate in one way or another! It sounds like you do a lot of baking for larger events and groups of people like weddings and birthdays. Do you offer options for allergies and food sensitivities, or requests like low-sugar, etc?

Niki: We are a nut and gluten friendly kitchen. However, I cater to all needs. Vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, low sugar…. Anything you need I will make for you.

VMB: Divine Delights Cupcakery was recommended to Victoria Moms Blog by one of your customers. What would you say is the most popular item your customers LOVE and you get requests for?

cupcakeryNiki: I get all sorts of requests, but since I entered the kids market I would have to say that low-sugar cake options are a large request.

VMB: How can customers get a hold of you?

Niki: Best way is through my Facebook page as I prefer to have all requests in writing. Otherwise by phone at 778-433-6684

VMB: Any additional comments you’d like to add that our readers should know?

Niki: I will work with any budget to make something special. I love what I do and I love making my customers happy. No request is to crazy!

We are so excited to tell you that Divine Delights Cupcakery has also offered to give a discount just for Victoria Moms Blog readers! Simply mention this post to RECEIVE 10% OFF ALL ORDERS! She is already incredibly fair and affordable that this discount will be the “icing on the cake”! 😉

Have you ordered or tried something from Divine Delights Cupcakery? Share your review in a comment below so other moms can be in the know!