Thank you to Tamara Lukie from Tamara Maria Wellness for putting this thoughtful post and tips together on the importance of Self Love. 

Editors note: Though the opinions and information in this post are those of a qualified professional, the post is not intended to substitute/replace direct consultation with a qualified advisor or industry professional about your unique scenario.

It’s a well-known fact that February is the month of love. And whether you go giddy over the thought of flowers, chocolates, fancy dinner dates, dressing up & being pampered or not, I’m here to remind you not to forget about another type of love….. your own self-love!

I want you all to take a moment to remember how flippin fabulous you really are, how hard you work & how long your hours can be. We are all over worked & underpaid….. but starting today, we are going to treat ourselves! Learning some simple self-love tips & tricks today is just the beginning of a new habit that’s gonna make us better humans & make those long days a bit more bearable. Below are some posters you can click on to download/print and place in areas you will see everyday to help you get started!


1. Making a non-negotiable list (or an absolute yes/no list) is so important to self-love & happiness. And you know what they say….. happy mom, happy home (ok, I made that up…. but they should say that)! Making your list doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful either, try these 5 questions to get you started!

2. Supporting your bod & mind is crucial to feeling better. Stress, anxiety & the daily dealings of kid tantrums & bill paying can leave youbeyond exhausted. But there are plenty of safe natural helpers that can leave us feeling well supported! (of course you can always try a glass of red & a nice dark chocolate too). These supplements are a great start!


3. Finding & taking (guilt free) ME time is hard. Wow is it hard sometimes. But you’ve heard it time and again, put your mask on first. And for good reason. A tired burnt out mama is good for no-one! Taking me time doesn’t need to be a weekend away (although if you can, go!)…. a bath, meditating, going for a hike or run, or just enjoying a cup of hot tea quietly is sometimes all it takes. Make a list & see how many you can treat yourself to in a day or a week!


4. A good nights rest is harder to find than me time, but sleep is the base of good health. My mom always told me to nap when the baby naps & leave the chores for later (a tip I have always followed), but that can be tough too. Don’t ever feel bad for hitting the sack at an early time (730pm is totally acceptable some nights). If you’re not resting that hard-working mind and bod, then you’re gonna be a rusty mess & coffee just isn’t gonna help.