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Essential Oils Review

Essential Oils were something I had been curious about for a while now, and even more so since I became a mom. While on my pursuit to finding non-toxic and healthier cleaning supply options, I will admit, the vast amount of info out there seemed overwhelming. I had no idea where to start and I wasn’t sure I could afford the “good stuff” to make switching to all-natural homemade cleaners an option.

Enter Morgan Degroot, a dōTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate. One of the brands I kept seeing pop up during my Googling was dōTERRA essential oils, so when Morgan approached the Victoria Moms Blog and offered to let our team of moms experience first hand the essential oils from the dōTERRA line, it couldn’t have been better timing!


Six of our VMB team members were able to sit down with Morgan to gain some insight on the uses and benefits of essential oils. We had an array of mixed thoughts going into it: From never even heard much about essential oil use or dōTERRA, to having 20+ years experience using essential oils, and even a touch of healthy skepticism from a couple of our team members. So it was great to get a first hand experience.

The verdict is … we actually really enjoyed them! A couple of us are sensitive to scents (as in – catch a whiff of strong perfume and cue the headache!), but the very first thing we noticed is how the scents don’t hit you like traditional scents and perfumes. We learned this is because it is usually the chemicals in artificial scents that cause this, so this will be a pleasant surprise for you too if perfumes or cleaners typically cause an instant headache.

Essential Oils Review

One of our favourite essential oils simply by smell was Peppermint. Smells exactly like a thin mint candy! One of our VMB team members took home a sample to make play-dough with it in her daycare. With summer approaching, we also learned that a common use for it is to treat mosquito bites…both soothes the itch and pain naturally!

We learned that the “Balance” blend gives you well … balance! It’s scent is fresh, woodsy and airy and perfect for diffusing. As moms who have gone through or still going through the many stress-testing stages of raising babies and children, we will honestly try ANYTHING some days to keep from going bat-sh*t-crazy!

We also found the many uses for the Lavender (aromatic, soothing bath, help kids sleep better) and Lemon Essential Oils Review(easily make non-toxic cleaning products and especially good at cleaning fingerprints off stainless steel appliances) to be very simple and felt their uses would be easy to integrate into our daily family lives.

It was fun to finish our workshop off by each making our own custom essential oil roller ball! Among the roller ball mixes we made, I made a natural decongestant with the Breathe and On Guard oil blends, which I tested the following week when my daughter caught a cold and it worked great at helping to clear her stuffy nose! Carrie made a digestion aid with Digestzen blend and Peppermint oil to be applied topically to the belly area.


Of course as moms learning about the potential uses for our family and children, we had a handful of specific questions. So we also had a chance for a little Q&A with Morgan to ask the questions most of us were wondering:

  1. What impressed you most about dōTERRA oils and why you decided to work with them?
    • “When I was researching essential oils, I was most struck by dōTERRA’s dedication to two things in particular. 1: The sourcing model – the fact that doTERRA sources globally and they work WITH the farmers to create a better economy. This doesn’t matter to everyone – but it did matter to me when I was comparing. 2: Their commitment to purity through their extensive 3rd party testing and verification. There is no governing body that enforces corporations to be honest about what they’re putting in their bottles. It’s important that you research a company and understand what they stand for…and then if you try the oil and it aligns with what that company is saying – you have a great company. dōTERRA has recently launched a feature on Source To You where you can enter the batch ID# of a bottle of their oils and get access to their 3rd party testing results. Talk about transparency!”
  2. What positive impacts have you seen within your family by using dōTERRA Oils?
    • “I see the positive impacts on a daily basis. I have been able to completely replace all of our cleaning products with simple essential oils recipes and most of our personal care products as well. That alone has had a HUGE impact on our overall toxic load. Essential oils have also allowed me to listen more closely and tune in to what my body needs on an emotional and physical level and I’ve been able to teach my kids the same and that is such an empowering feeling!”
  3. How long does a bottle of oil last?Essential Oils Review
    • “The essential oils are pure, undiluted and very potent, and as such, only a small amount is needed to receive the benefits, usually only 1-2 drops on average. How long a bottle will last depends on what oil it is and how often you use it. For example, Peppermint is an oil I use several times each day either in the diffuser, for a headache or tension, in my morning bulletproof coffee, or a drop in the palms of my hands for an energy boost, so I end up going through a bottle every couple of months. Compare that to my bottle of Oregano, which I have had for close to 2 years as I only use it when someone in the house is sick.”
  4. What about children use. Do children need less? Can you use too much? Reactions?
    • “I always strive to use something natural over something synthetic and I have found so much success using these oils, but using them safely is key. #1 is always dilute the oils when using them topically. Children’s skin is generally more sensitive and because of the potent nature of these oils, dilution is recommended and can decrease the risk for a hypersensitive reaction. Children are also smaller so they often need less to receive the benefits. There are many more important factors to consider. If you are interested in essential oils for your children, please reach out to me first and I can help guide you in further detail.”
  5. What if I buy an oil and I don’t like it or I have a negative reaction to it? Can I return it? 
    • “I highly recommend that everyone who is able to, attend or host an educational class so you can experience the oils firsthand before purchasing. But of course as busy moms, that’s not always possible, so doTERRA has a generous return policy with different options, depending on how long it has been. Their customer service team really is amazing and will work with you to resolve almost any issue.” 
  6. If someone wanted to get started with essential oils but didn’t know where to start, what would you suggest?
    • “There are several ways to buy dōTERRA products and you can tailor your purchase to your needs and budget. I want women to find the solution that works best for them, so I offer consultations and classes to help them figure out where to start based on their biggest priorities. I also want them to feel empowered to use their oils confidently, so my support continues long after their oils arrive at your door.”


Essential Oils ReviewOne of the biggest things we were surprised to learn was the quality difference and that dōTERRA oils are not pre-diluted – meaning more bang for your buck because you don’t need to use as much to get the same effect!

A 5ml bottle has 85 drops of oil, and a 15ml bottle has 255 drops of oil. Because you only need a few drops at a time, whether you diffuse a few drops of oils in water, add a dozen drops to make a whole bottle of household cleaner, or mix them with a carrier oil to use them topically, one bottle will last you a LONG time.


From our team’s experience, we learned that there are so many amazing products and oils offered by dōTERRA and even more ways of using them that we never knew about and are excited to try. I highly recommend that you reach out to Morgan to discover all of the exciting and healthier options there are simply by swapping in essential oils. By now we are all aware that many of our traditional products are filled with unhealthy chemicals; there is no better time to start educating yourself on how essential oils can help reduce them in your household.

To inquire or learn more, you can find Morgan through her Website, on Facebook, on Instagram, or contact her at

For your own hands on experience, Morgan is holding introductory workshops on May 28 at 11am, May 30 at 730pm & June 4 at 11am. Email to RSVP!


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