Embracing Positivity

As a parent it’s often hard to slow our lives down enough to really focus on the good in our lives!  We’re so busy trying to maintain financial stability while balancing work and children along side everything else.  Our days are filled with dirty diapers, laundry, work, snotty noses and not enough sleep. How often do you take time to really pause and appreciate the good in your life?? It’s a simple thing and it can make a profound difference in your life. The little things can be so big. I love watching my children play. The pure joy – the curiosity – the creativity – the personality. I could do it all day. I remember when my boys were babies spending hours watching them sleep – not in the creepy way my husband does to me some times – but just in sheer amazement of the miracle of life.

I’ve really been focusing on the positives lately…I woke up Nov 9th and 26learned the results of the US elections and knew I needed to make a concentrated effort to see the good in this world. My day started with two boys who both wanted to stay home on a day that just couldn’t happen. When I dropped my youngest off at daycare I took extra time to appreciate the daycare staff and reflect on how happy my son is there and how I never worry about him during the day knowing that he’s in good hands and well taken care of.

My next stop in the morning was dropping my other son at nature kindergarten. We arrive a little early as he likes to play at the playground before school starts… and I stood in awe as I listened to a group of elementary children talking about the election and their opinions (or should I say… their parents opinions) on Trump and the election.  I watched as the children played and was grateful that my boys are being raised in this country.  I took in all the joy as the bell rang and the kids ran excitedly to their classrooms.

On my way to work I like to drive via Esquimalt lagoon. This morning the waves were small and the clouds obstructed the Olympic Mountains. The treetops were gently covered by a thin layer of fog.  The seagulls were soaring in the sky riding the winds of change like only they can. I cracked the window to feel and smell the damp, salty air. I love living on Vancouver Island. Every single day I am grateful to live in this beautiful land. Today I took extra time to appreciate it. Nature feeds my soul. If I had the time I would have pulled over and sat on the beach for a while watching the tide ebb and flow and taking it all in.

I took extra time today to stop and breathe. Breathing in life and peace and exhaling fear, frustration and sorrow. Trying to wrap my brain around the mushroom cloud erupting within.

Every day we have the choice of what we focus on. Sure there’s a lot of bad… there’s poverty, racism, sickness, fear, and yes… even Trump. Instead I’m choosing to focus on the good. I’m focusing on humankind, on beauty, on love, friendship and joy. There is no shortage of challenges in life….after all that’s how we grow. But when it comes to day to day life…we find what we look for. Where are you going to invest your thoughts? Where are you going to teach your children to invest theirs?