Baby's Nails

There are a number of things to consider when trimming your baby’s nails. Most moms have a fear of hurting their baby, whether by clipping the skin or trying to wrangle the baby to sit still. How do you get the job done, so that your face, neck and chest don’t look like they’ve been attacked by wild animals? I discovered an easy way by accident, when my baby was playing with one of my grooming tools in the bathroom one day.

Before I get into this awesome method I discovered, I will walk you through our history. With my oldest, now ten years old, daughter, I was terrified to clip her nails. I was a new mom and had no experience. How was I suppose to safely trim her nails to prevent her from scratching her eyeballs out? I had tried the baby safe nail clippers, emory boards and baby scissors. None worked to my satisfaction and her dad ended up biting them off gently. It worked for us.

Now with my new baby and being a second time mom, I didn’t have the same fear that I once had. I took the nail clippers out and trimmed her nails each week. Sure, I had occasionally got her skin but I knew she was okay. Around six months of age, she no longer sat still for me to clip her nails. I had to endure the scratching all over my body and hers. I tried the same old tricks as before but this baby was less than cooperative. So, I left it for a number of weeks. Until one day, when she was playing in the bathroom with my Pedi-Perfect foot file. Then I got an idea. I will use her excitement for this tool as an opportunity to clip her nails!

I knew how soft the Pedi-Perfect was because I had used it on my bare feet. So, one day when she brought the tool to me I sat with her and rubbed her fingers across the file and she giggled. It was fun for her and it was doing a good job of trimming those little nails without any struggle or pain! This was my mom win! Now, whenever her nails get too long and sharp, I grab the Pedi-Perfect and we do her nails. It’s been six months and it still works for us. Sometimes, I can distract her with the TV while we do her nails and other times she participates by holding it for me or rubbing her own fingers across it.

I know there are different attachments for the Pedi-Perfect that are more course, but I have the basic one that is very fine and gentle. I wouldn’t recommend anything more course as it could be more rough with the skin around the fingers and I would hate for it to cause any bleeding or irritation. So, if you’re like me and struggling to keep your baby’s nails short and soft, then why not give it a try! If you have tried this or have any other mom tips for trimming your baby’s nails, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below telling me if this trick helped you or share your favourites!