Diaper Bag

Photo Credit: Janet – https://www.flickr.com/photos/27445910@N07/5645989450

The week we came home from the hospital, I was given the best ‘new mom’ present from a girlfriend who had also just had her first baby. It was a little parcel of all the things that she wished she’d had with her in her diaper bag during her first few outings including lip balm, travel sized wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. In addition to the usual must haves (diaper cream and diapers), I’ve added these five not so obvious baby/mom items to my diaper bag that I’ve found useful as a new mom.

Once I compiled these I realized that they all had to do with personal hygiene in some form or another – I didn’t think I was that much of a mess! I’m curious as to what your not-necessarily-for-baby must haves might be – please let me know in a comment!

Mini First Aid Kit

Now this might not be something for your baby right now, but you never know when you might need some TLC of your own. Bandages for the obvious reasons and tweezers for slivers and the occasional omgwheredidthatwhiskercomefrom moment… or am I the only one that this has happened too? Just me? *sigh* Never-mind then. How about some mini containers of Calamine lotion and Polysporin? Add to this a quasi sewing kit with just a needle, thread, and a couple of safety pins and you may end up the saviour mom at the playground!

Deodorant & Hair Brush

Along the same vein, you know you’ve been the protagonist in this scene: you’ve gone a few days without a shower but something has dragged you out of the house in hurry. The kids look cute in their outfits but you might just be a hot mess. You never know what kind of bind you’re going to get into, where you’ll be, when you’ll realize it’s been a while since you showered (!) so having a travel sized deodorant and hair brush is very helpful. It goes without saying you’ll have a few hair elastics kicking around either on the gear shift of your car, on your wrist, or most likely already in your hair.

Shopping Bags

With so many stores moving away from disposable plastic bags, I keep a stash of fabric ones in my car; but sometimes even those are forgotten when I make an impromptu stop. Since I use the diaper bag as my purse, it’s always with me so in it are a few bags. Not only are they useful for shopping but also for those clean ups. The next step up from the old plastic bag is the roll of doggie poop bags for disposable diapers. I’ve seen this and thought it was genius!

Extra Clothes for All

In here I keep two onesies (one long sleeved, one short sleeved), pants, socks, a hat, and a sleeper. The trick is to remember to swap out these clothes once babe has out grown them… I may or may not have forgotten this step at one point. I also keep an extra shirt for me and my messiness, not just baby spit ups and blow outs. Let’s be honest, the ‘shelf’ has grown. This means that ketchup, coffee, ice cream, or whatever ends up riiiiight where you don’t want it to land. Wearing layers is also a good save but with the nice weather coming, it may not be as practical. This hot mess mom will soon be the over heated mom if I continue layering to keep clean.

What secrets are lurking in your diaper bag? Come on…be honest and comment below. I’m sure you have some awesome tricks in your diaper bag too!