We’ve partnered with Passion & Performance to bring you a first-person experience with their studio and dance classes. All opinions are my own and 100% genuine!

Victoria dance classes

Let’s face it – being a mom and maintaining our own individuality is a juggling act. Between being a good mom, quality family time, some TLC with your significant other…the me-time and taking care of ourselves “balls” tend to get dropped. One day, I woke up and decided that was the day I started picking up those “balls”. Clean version ladies! I hiked up my yoga pants and headed to an adult Hula Hoop dance class.

Since I knew Passion & Performance was a place with classes, I was a little hesitant when I initially scheduled, because being on a schedule with kids makes it tough to commit sometimes. But I was relieved to find that the options they have are mostly in the evenings, which complimented my need to regain some individuality. It allowed me 1 evening out a week for ME and only ME!

Victoria dance classes

I got to Passion & Performance and was immediately welcomed. Our teacher, Meg, has an infectious upbeat personality and makes everyone feel comfortable regardless of your experience. I was nervous and thoughts of “why did you sign up to jiggle yourself around a room in front of others!?” started to pass through my mind, but as more women came in, it was obvious that we were all in it together. After-all, a big part of why I signed up was for the fun and social perks – so why not go for it!? We were all women coming together to get our workout, and laugh, on. It’s so great to know there’s a place you can get both of those in a supportive and encourage atmosphere!

Victoria dance classes

But really, Passion & Performance is much more than your standard dance studio. They offer SO many fun and unique adult dance classes: Hip Hop, Sweat & Strut, Pop Culture, Chair, and Hotness 101 to name a few. Whether you are looking for something to ignite your inner, confident sexy self through dance, or something more upbeat and fun, they have classes for all comfort levels. They believe that women and adults can boost their confidence, get fit, and have fun all through dance. They hold true to this belief by offering classes for everyone regardless of a dancer’s skill level, gender, or age.

Victoria dance classes

After finding I loved my first 6 week session of Hula Hoop class, I was a little worried about what my new addiction might cost for me to continue going more and trying new classes. I was elated to find out that all Passion & Performance classes are affordable…and I shamelessly justify this occasional small expense as a well deserved treat to myself!

P&P offer the perfect combination of social interaction mixed with fun dance classes. If you want to try Passion & Performance, I highly encourage you to! To top it off, they are offering an incredible 25% discount off ALL their evening classes special just for Victoria Moms Blog readers! Just mention this post when you register to receive the discount!

Their next session of classes start the first week of May, but if you are a little hesitant to jump right in, they also offer the opportunity to try their classes for FREE during their next Donations Days happening April 24-27. You can try out as many of their classes as you like for a small monetary donation or non-perishable food item, with all proceeds going to the James Bay Community Project. They offer the Donation Days free classes numerous time throughout the year and you can stay up to date on when they are happening on Passion & Performances Facebook page.

Trust me when I say: don’t let the fear hold you back. You will thank me after 😉

Have you tried a P&P class before? Share with us in a comment which one and what you thought of it!