After an hour of walking, ½ hour of rocking, and ½ hour of nursing, my 5 month old daughter is finally asleep. Of course she will eventually wake up again in about 4-5 hours but in those few hours I get some precious adult time. And by precious adult time, I mean getting out the glue, paint, tape, fabric, and glitter to finally tackle making my child’s costume. Some may think that putting all that effort in to making a costume for your infant is a waste of time. But I believe that in a Pinterest era filled with beautiful mom-inspired perfect DIY projects, the pressure to be the ultimate super crafty mom is overwhelming.

Yet, as I add the final touches on my child’s costume I felt incredibly proud of my impractical cardboard masterpiece. However, crawling into bed having missed out on 3 hours of precious sleep I am left wondering: was that effort really worth it? Creating something that will never even enter the memory of my 0.5 year old child. Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my crafty mom moment but I believe there is merit to every mom’s approach to costume-making. Hence, in the spirit of Halloween, take a minute and ask yourself “what kind of a ‘costume-making’ mom are you?

The store-bought costume buying mom:

You are a practical mom. Let’s face it – your baby will look just as cute as everyone else. Plus your family will love you a little more when your dining table isn’t full of glitter!

The perfect customized Etsy/locally-made costume buying mom:

You might not have the artistic flare but still want that one-of-a-kind, homemade look to your baby’s costume. Maybe those crafty scissors don’t really work well while held in your unhappy left hand or maybe you have a glue allergy. But hey there’s Etsy and you had the preparation and forethought to order it 6 weeks in advance!

The hand-me-down costume mom:

Who doesn’t look cute in a duck onesie!? No one is going to notice those spit-up stained marks in the dark Halloween night. Besides you’ve saved tons of money, time and sanity!

The DIY make-it-from-scratch mom:

You are creative, trend-setting and organized. You take pride in your paper-mache skills and your intimate knowledge of Michaels sales. Your creations will inspire others for years to come

Shoot, the last-minute we-gotta-make-something mom:

So all the stores are closed and you’ve completely forgotten that that Halloween party is tonight (who schedules a Halloween party 4 nights before Halloween anyways?). Quick, husband, what can we make from straws, 2 popsicle sticks, and half a roll of tape. That’s it, cut two holes out of that sheet.

Whether we are buying our costumes or making it from scratch, when it comes to Halloween night our little darlings will always have the potential to transform into terrifying littler monsters regardless of our costume-making efforts 🙂

We’d love to hear from you – Share with us what kind of “costume-making” mom you are!