why mommy

If you’ve ever had a three year old, I’m sure you’ve heard that one countless times.

My eldest was challenging as an infant and toddler. I think part of it was because he was my first, I was thrust into motherhood and it hit me like a brick wall. I always thought to myself, “If I could survive past the toddler years, I’d be golden”. Like they say though, every age has its challenges.

While the little brain of a preschooler is full of curiosity about the world around them, they sure are demanding of answers. A trillion times per day, my son asks “But why, Mommy?” no matter what it is I am doing. I could be telling him I am making dinner, going to the potty, having to change his baby brother’s diaper, or telling him the sky is blue. He responds with the same question. Part of me is annoyed, because he doesn’t let me get away with a simple answer such as “Just because, Honey”, when I am far too tired or stressed to answer with anything else in that very moment. The other part of me is so intrigued with how his little mind is developing. He is beginning to understand that there is a reason for everything, an answer to every question, and often tells me “Don’t say ‘Just because’, Mommy”. I smirk at this, and rack my brain for the simplest answer a three year old can understand.

Two weeks ago, he “bought” me a bouquet of flowers (Thanks Daddy!). They eventually wilted and one day when he was at daycare, I threw them into the compost. He noticed the empty spot on the dining room table as soon as he got home. Later that afternoon, he was playing outside and peaked into the compost. He was surprised to see them there, “Mommy, I see (the) flowers!!!!”. “Yes baby, they died so mommy threw them out”. “Died?” he asked. Oh boy. What am I getting myself into? How do I explain this? “Some things don’t last forever, Oliver, and when they die, they go away”. What a horrible explanation, I know. I was put on the spot and I tried my best! Thankfully, this quenched his curiosity enough, and there were no further questions. It rained the day after Halloween, and the paint washed off of our pumpkins. My observant little guy asked me what happened. “The rain washed the paint off and it’s gone now.” He replied with “(The) paint died, Mommy?”

What has your preschooler asked you lately?