Potty Train

I’m not ashamed and if you have done this or are thinking about doing this you shouldn’t be either. She is my first, with our first we are absolutely clueless how things should be done, everything we do is trial and error.

It all started a year ago when we had our second daughter.  By no means had I even considered starting to potty train at that time. I remember being in and out of newborn sleep coma when I hear her say ” mama, I’m going to go on the potty.” I was stunned. Sure, ok, whatever, just let me sleep, do whatever you want. Well, she did it and kept doing it and then just as fast as it came it was ripped right out of my grateful mama hands and came to a halt. We were on potty strike. I’m actually a pretty laid back mama so this really didn’t bother me, at that time.

Months went by and then more months and I kept saying: after her birthday, after the summer (I mean I wanted to enjoy the sun and not be stuck inside trying to potty train a toddler) and then how about after labor day? That seems to be a logical time line to start a new life lesson. Of course I went into it like we do with our first, armed with a plan. I talked to my friends, I tried to read some books, I got her super excited about the potty, new underwear, you name it. It was said and served on an enticing toddler platter. She didn’t even take a bite from that platter. What the hell. I kept trying, like we do with our first, I got frustrated, she got frustrated, I got frustrated some more.

One night after some mama juice I started coloring the most elaborate potty chart around (I’m sure a simple square chart would’ve been fine but the juices were flowing so to speak). When she woke up the next day I did it. I sat her down and told her I would take her to the store I told myself I would never take her to again for fear of the meltdown. The toy store.

So off we went to pick out her reward for filling up the chart. She wandered up and down those aisles, looking at all the elaborate toys, the bright colors, the crazy sounding toys and she picked out her toy. Not that it matters but she picked out a Dr doll, pronounced “duckta.” Still makes me smile when she says it. So that was it. No tantrum and no fuss that she couldn’t get the doll that day, she knew what she had to do to get her ‘duckta” doll. We left the store, but since I am an honest mama, we may have left with a small toy to avoid the dreaded tantrum. Super small…I mean you could barely see it kind of toy. Whatever, the point is I managed to leave the store with no tears. Mom win.

Over the next month I would say it just started happening; she would use the potty on her own free will. I started taking her diaper off around the house, kept reminding her that she wasn’t wearing one and it just worked. I barely even used that over the top chart, she already had her eye on the prize. Once we went down to that store and bought her ‘duckta’ doll we never looked back…except maybe to buy another super tiny toy for her baby sister who was doing the baby death grip hold on a toy.