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Baby Gear

I was introduced to thrift (or secondhand) shopping at a young age. My dad loved to scout out yard sales to sift through all the great stuff. Sometimes we’d come home empty-handed, and other times we’d return with a whole load of new-to-us treasures. I definitely put my “thifty” shopping skills to work while preparing for the arrival of my daughter. While keeping in mind modern safety standards for cribs, I managed to score our EUC (excellent used condition) Storkcraft 3-in-1 crib and matching change table for $140 off. Can’t beat that!

Most first time moms have the benefit of a registry, so in many cases it doesn’t hurt to add these bigger items, especially if you plan on having more than one baby and can reuse items. And of course there are some things (like car seats) that you’ll want new for safety reasons, but if you’re trying to trim your registry or budget down, consider crossing these items off and buy used instead!

1. Pack and Play

The thing to think about with a Pack and Play is that if you plan to use this as a bassinet in your room, or travel a lot, you may want to invest in something new, that matches your decor, or has all the bells and whistles. Because this is one of those items that often gets purchased new with the intent and idea of it being used all the time but in the end it ends up getting used maaaaybe 3 times a year during the odd weekend away from home, I often see Pack and Plays being posted for sale as “Hardly Used – EUC”  on Used Victoria.

2. Crib/Change Table

In my experience, cribs tend to be one of those things that a lot of parents like to buy brand new, sometimes for each child even. That’s means TONS of cribs are posted for sale all the time – most only just a few years used! This can be a great way to save on your nursery budget like we did, but before you start sourcing used cribs, make sure you are familiar with the modern day safety standards found HERE. While most cribs you will find for sale out there these days will most likely meet those standards, there are the few older cribs floating around out there that do not.

3. Swing

The swing usually ends up falling under one of two categories for parents: A) Total lifesaver or B) Total waste of space. We managed to score our amazing Fisher-Price Snugabunny swing used for $45 which normally retails for $200 new. Since you have about a 50/50 split chance of your baby’s preference of A or B, you might also want to consider sourcing out nicer used swing in good shape for about half (or less!) of retail price.

4. ExerSaucer/Jumparoo

This is another space hogging item. Basically, once your child is done with the bouncy seat, this will be your only way to sneak in a 5 minute shower, so trust me when I say “You want one!”. That said, they’re only in use for a few months before kids get big enough to bust out of it, so save yourself the full retail price and get this one in gently used condition.

Baby Gear

Grandma scored this exersaucer for us for FREE! Absolute lifesaver for the short while it was used!

5. Wraps/Carriers

These can be tough to score used because they tend to be scooped up quickly. But if you can find one, snatch it up because these can be pricey when bought brand new and are generally easy to clean in the washer if buying used. My philosophy for wraps/carriers is almost the same as with the swing: babies generally either love being in the carrier or they hate it, so picking these up used is another great way to save on an item that may or may not get a lot of use.

6. Extras for Grandmas house

I think I can speak for all parents when I say: it is SO nice to have extras if your parents or any other close relatives live nearby…especially if they don’t mind keeping those extras at their place to save you from lugging it back and forth! A high chair is the most important item, in my opinion. We scored a used space saver high chair seat that straps onto a regular chair for $15! That, and some toys that stay at families houses are the two “must-have” things for when you visit often. If you think your child may be doing lots of napping or overnights at families houses, it’s another instance where I’d recommend a used pack and play.

I find the best way to score gently used baby items is though the many great local buy & sell websites we have in our area. My personal favorite is Used Victoria and is where we happened to find our crib and change table. I messaged the lady selling the crib letting her know I could come by right away to take a look and inspect it and was able to pick it up that very same afternoon! No waiting or worrying I wouldn’t get it! Yay!

I also love their #UsedHelps initiative. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t until just recently but glad I did! In addition to their mission to reduce waste, promote reusability and support MANY  local individuals and community organizations every year, #UsedHelps allows users to sell items on their sites and donate the proceeds to charities and non-profit organizations. Learn more about how to buy, sell and support with #UsedHelps.

We love hearing about a great used finds and experiences! If you have one, share with us in a comment! Happy Hunting Mamas!