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Author: Tracy McGlade

Living with Two Toddlers

I often get asked what I do all day with my time now that I’m not “working”. Well let me tell you. It’s utterly glorious. You will all be jealous of the amount of battles I separate, the toys I trip on, the bums I wipe and the Michelin star meals I eat out of plastic bowls filled with these amazing crackers called Goldfish. Have you heard of them? 1:00 am – 4:00 am somebody wakes. My 20m old is losing to her sleep regression BIG time, we are currently on week 8 of this nasty phase that better...

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Both My Kids are Pukers

Did that get your attention? I don’t know why the universe gifted me with pukers, but it did. I know what your thinking, all kids puke. Apparently not. I have friends whose kids maybe have thrown up twice in their life and they are three to four years old. I was shocked at this since I can’t even begin to count how many times my two have graced my shirt, floor or car with their special talent (not to brag or anything). Before you go on to think anything, I did take them both to the doctor to have...

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My Strong Willed Child…and Loving It

My eldest is strong willed. I’m pretty sure if you look that word up in any dictionary, right beside that word as clear as my foggy mom eyes, you will see her name in BOLD CAPITAL letters. And you know what? I’m actually okay with that. Is she a challenge some days, yes. Does she fight with me, yes. Is she a strong independent three year old, yes. And is her desire to be older than she is stronger than me wanting her to be? No bloody way. This kid was born her way, late for the party but when she...

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I Need a Lasso

There are days I definitely need a lasso to wrangle my crew in. I know I’m not alone, I can see it happening all around me. One kid is going one way while the other is sprinting in the opposite direction. Did I mention I also have a dog? He’s pretty good BUT he is a big goofball that requires a lot of attention and some days I don’t have that to give him therefor he feels it’s every strangers job to pet him and acknowledge his existence. He is harmless so I usually don’t pay too much attention...

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I Bribed my Daughter to Potty Train

I’m not ashamed and if you have done this or are thinking about doing this you shouldn’t be either. She is my first, with our first we are absolutely clueless how things should be done, everything we do is trial and error. It all started a year ago when we had our second daughter.  By no means had I even considered starting to potty train at that time. I remember being in and out of newborn sleep coma when I hear her say ” mama, I’m going to go on the potty.” I was stunned. Sure, ok, whatever, just...

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