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Author: Regan Livingstone

4 Diaper Bag Secrets of a Hot Mess Mom

The week we came home from the hospital, I was given the best ‘new mom’ present from a girlfriend who had also just had her first baby. It was a little parcel of all the things that she wished she’d had with her in her diaper bag during her first few outings including lip balm, travel sized wet wipes, and hand sanitizer. In addition to the usual must haves (diaper cream and diapers), I’ve added these five not so obvious baby/mom items to my diaper bag that I’ve found useful as a new mom. Once I compiled these I...

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6 Tips for Flying Alone with Baby

I had booked the tickets two months beforehand. Then the week arrives and I start to really doubt my decision to travel with a 5 month old – alone. Why on earth was I putting myself (and baby) through this? Was I insane to think I’d be able to pull this off? Sure, my amazing cousin had just done a solo trip with her baby but that was her – I’m not her. That pesky mom doubt was lurking again. Though I’d read all the articles about air travel with a baby but they said the same things about...

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Learning to Trust My “Mom”Self

Cue Alanis Morissette! Here’s some irony for you: you’re about to read a new mom’s blog post on the internet about how the Internet can be the worst thing for new moms. Internet, the Worst Girlfriend Okay, maybe ‘worst’ is too strong of a term. There are some pretty bad books and in person advice givers out there too so how about we say instead that the internet can be like that irritating friend you had back in high school who you really don’t want to hang around with anymore but you do anyway simply out of convenience. She lives...

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Playlist for Baby :: 4 Unconventional Lullabies

We all know the usual lullabies, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rock A-Bye Baby, and even Brahms Lullaby, but there comes a point when we all need change, or at least I do. Do you remember when you played a CD over and over and over again taking it from the “love it” list to the “I’m so sick of it” list? Consider this an opportunity to add some new tracks to your bedtime repertoire and perhaps you can offer up your favourites in the comments so I can change my playlist as well. The reason I love these songs...

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