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Author: Lauren Moline

45 Reasons Why My Baby Isn’t Sleeping…

I’m just going to leave this here…. She’s hungry Her diaper is dirty She needs to burp She has gas She’s not swaddled tight enough She’s swaddled too tight and is all stressed that her arms aren’t free She’s too hot – too many clothes She’s too cold – not enough clothes She needs to be rocked She needs to be still The room is too dry and we need a humidifier She’s not on my chest She’s going through a leap She isn’t constantly moving There is too much noise in the house The house is too quiet...

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Victoria Baby Programs & Classes Resource Guide

  As a first-time older mom with a new baby, I’m having a hard time leaving my work days behind and filling my time without going too squirrelly.  It is a huge shift!  I feel like I’ve lost my job and have no idea how to do this new one.  I did some research online and put a call out to other moms to see what they fill their days with…this is the result. My primary focus was baby programs that are offered for babes 0-12 months. Some programs are free, some are drop in, some require registration for set...

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Three Good Investments you Must do for Your Kids

I am three months into my maternity leave and I hate getting my dreaded visa bill.  This kid thing is damn expensive!  I’ve read the lists of what you MUST have and what is a “good investment” including good quality furniture, etc., but the other unexciting things to buy that have been wearing on my mind right now.  I have been falling into the habit of buying cute baby clothes for my little girl, at the same time as I am donating clothes that she’s never worn…it is a terrible cycle.  I buy used items for her and, on...

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Step Children and Your Extended Family

An awkward question for a step-parent is ‘how many kids do you have?’.  As a woman, most of the time, people are asking if you’ve given birth, not really how many kids you parent.  I have always said I don’t have kids of my own but I have two step children.  Now, that I have my own daughter, who is only 2 months old, this question is somewhat easier to answer.  However, if your mom was asked how many kids you have, she’ll likely only list the children that are yours and not your step children.  In other words,...

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Parenting in a World Full of Glorified Bad Behaviour & Role Models

Despite what fairy tales teach our children, we don’t live in the white and black world of good and evil.  In fact, the older I get the more I feel that everything is, in fact, just many forms of grey. I know many Canadians have been thrown by the current US political climate which seemed to boil over into our lives.  I read a lot of posts on social media from concerned parents about how to explain this “new world” to their children.  I have personally had a tough time in these reality tv years as I feel we...

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