Photo by Ra Photography Studio

The most precious thing I have ever worn is my baby. Well technically babies, I wore both but not to the same extent. With my first I didn’t do as much research, so when my back began to hurt from the carrier I was using I was pretty quick to throw in the towel.  The second time around I was much better prepared, I had done my own research, talked to other baby wearing moms. I even stopped a mom at a baby sale and asked about the wrap she was using, what it was called and how she liked it. So out of my comfort zone, but I am glad I did. She had a Solly baby wrap. That piece of amazing fabric would keep my baby close to my heart and my hands free for my 5 year old for many months to come.

Then my wonderful and amazing friend gave me a woven wrap as a gift, it is the most beautiful wrap I own. Now baby wearing is basically a sub-culture if you will of all things baby. So much so that if you see another mama wearing a Tula they have a special call to one another! There are wraps on the market that cost hundreds of dollars! I know I was shocked to see the price of some of these gorgeous pieces of fabric, and yes it is literally a piece of fabric in various sizes based on your body size on preference for types of wraps you will be doing.

The idea of trusting my knot tying ability to hold my precious little human close to my chest and not fall was hard to wrap my head around at first. YouTube and I became good friends as my search history showed wrapping how to videos. My oldest daughter would stand behind me as I practiced wrapping in the living room, “yep mom that looks good, you have the x on your back like the video.” Such a helpful lady. She knew the sooner I figured out the wrap the sooner we could get on with our day. I had my hands free to help her with various activities while her sister was cuddled up and safe. We would go to the park, do crafts, bake, walk to school. Baby A would sleep for the half an hour I was able to spend in big sister’s kindergarten class every morning.

If you are unsure of how to wrap or want to try out wraps there are local babywearing groups on Facebook you can connect with and meet up to try out different wraps, learn new carries, and connect to sell your wraps too.

I have a SSC (soft structured carrier) for quick ups, like a Tula or an Ergo. It makes quick shopping trips a breeze. I can get her in and on my front or back in less than 5 minutes.

I am so glad that I did the research and gave baby wearing a second chance the second time around, I truly think that Baby A and I are closer because of this and it made life with two so much easier. I found that when a baby is in a car seat or a stroller people don’t have boundaries they will come and and fawn and coo all over the baby, poke and prod and get their germs all over them, but when the baby is up on me it takes that opportunity away from them. My baby is cuddled up in a womb like recreation, cozy and close and no one can get their germs all over her.

It has been a little over a year and we are still baby wearing, not as frequently as when I was home on my maternity leave but still on weekends. It was definitely the right choice for me and my family.