baby isn't sleeping

I’m just going to leave this here….

  1. She’s hungry
  2. Her diaper is dirty
  3. She needs to burp
  4. She has gas
  5. She’s not swaddled tight enough
  6. She’s swaddled too tight and is all stressed that her arms aren’t free
  7. She’s too hot – too many clothes
  8. She’s too cold – not enough clothes
  9. She needs to be rocked
  10. She needs to be still
  11. The room is too dry and we need a humidifier
  12. She’s not on my chest
  13. She’s going through a leap
  14. She isn’t constantly moving
  15. There is too much noise in the house
  16. The house is too quiet
  17. She has a rash
  18. She has a cold
  19. She has the hiccups
  20. She thinks day is night and night is day
  21. She’s overtired
  22. The temperature of her room/our house is too hot
  23. The temperature of her room/our house is too cold
  24. When EBF, maybe something I ate didn’t agree with her
  25. What she ate (formula or new foods) didn’t agree with her
  26. Her belly is upset (of unknown origin because nothing has changed)
  27. I run in there too fast when she fusses and don’t let her fall back asleep
  28. She’s in a new bassinet, bed or room
  29. The mattress is too soft/hard
  30. She’s teething
  31. She’d overstimulated
  32. She’s flipped onto her belly and can’t flip back
  33. I’m trying to put her to bed awake rather than nurse her to sleep
  34. She doesn’t have her soother
  35. She has her soother but it is an arm’s reach away and it’s taunting her with its closeness
  36. Her feet are caught in the crib sides
  37. She can’t feel the crib sides
  38. Our night time routine wasn’t perfect (?)
  39. She can’t touch all the fun things in her room but she can see them through her crib
  40. I haven’t sleep trained her yet
  41. She hasn’t gotten old enough to sleep train yet
  42. She has growing pains
  43. She’s dehydrated because it was hot today
  44. She’s purple crying (aka crying of unknown origin)
  45. Your guess is as good as mine!? You figure it out…I’m too tired!