12 Days

To celebrate the holidays and the amazing moms (and dads!) in our community, Victoria Moms Blog, along with a fabulous line-up of sponsors, are giving away gifts for 12 days in December!

Do you have a friend, family member or coworker that goes above & beyond, who is always there for everyone else, and deserves to be treated?
Do you know a mom or family who are going through a tough time or hardship, and you would love to see something nice done for them?
Do you know a single mom or dad that works tirelessly to “do it all”, and still greats you with a smile?

Victoria Moms Blog, together with businesses around the city, would like to recognize stand out people in our community this Holiday Season.

We accepted nominations for the month of November. There were so many heart-warming nominations and we wish we could gift every one with a prize. You can view the community members we narrowed it down to and their caring nominations to receive a gift from local business below:

Winning Nominations & Local Sponsoring Business Gifts ::

Day 1 ::

“My friend is the most amazing mom. Her parents both passed away from cancer and her in laws live abroad so she doesn’t have any support from grandparents yet she raises her children with all her love and energy. All four of her children radiate love and happiness because of their amazing mother. As my best friend, she also supported me when I lost my daughter in December 2013. She is the most selfless, caring woman and mother who certainly deserves the 12 days of caring give away.”

We agree! That’s why we at Victoria Moms Blog have teamed up with KeeKeeKlean and are recognizing this awesome Woman with a special gift just from them!

Day 2 ::

“I am nominating my mom because she is the most unselfish and caring person I know. Just want her to have something nice as my dad was forced to retire and she doesn’t have a lot of money to be able to buy presents for her grand kids. She has always helped me when I needed it. She deserves this so much.”

We agree! Victoria Moms Blog teamed up with Urban Valley Tees who is working with this wonderful grandmother to create customized gifts for her grandchildren this Christmas. Thank you UVT!!!

Day 3 ::

“She is always putting others first even though with a busy family life, she’s always there to lend a hand.”

Victoria Moms Blog agrees! This mom has 8 kids and still has lends a hand wherever one is needed. So to thank her, Kailee Bowman of Nailed It Nail Designs is pampering this generous mom with something just for her. Enjoy Audrey!


Day 4 ::

“She is my day care lady and long term friend. She wasn’t able to afford mat leave with her last child and won’t be able to again this year. Her budget is tight since watching my kid isn’t much of an income booster. I want to do something amazing for her but am on a tight budget myself.”

Victoria Moms Blog is happy to partner with Blooming Baby Images to give a great gift to this mom-to-be!!

Day 5 ::

“She selflessly is always there for her friends regardless of what she has going on. Even with 2 little ones she prepped freezer meals for me after the birth of my first. She has been incredibly supportive of me and my struggle with anxiety, and is so unbelievably kind. She is truly a kind soul.”

Brenda Newton knows food prep! Victoria Moms Blog partnered up with Tupperware By Brenda to bring this deserving mom a tupperware package that will last a lifetime!

Day 6 ::

“A wonderful mom of two beautiful girls. She is a person who never does things for herself, she is the first person to be there for others and go above and beyond for people in need. She works for the Bottle Depot in Victoria, and is always working with the company and ways to give back to the community. Without her the company would not give back to the community as much as they do or do the things for the community as they do. One thing that stands out in mind the most, is one year with her holiday bonus, she took it all and donated a big portion of it to donate towards CFAX santa’s anonymous. She is a women with a big heart, who has seen and bin through a lot. She is a very deserving mom to receive this.”

And we agree! Tyra at Tantaleyes Beautique has kindly donated a package to pamper this deserving mom and thank her for all she does!

Day 7 ::

“My friend is always willing to go above and beyond for her friends and family. She rarely spends money on herself, she was a single mom for many years so I think she has always put her children first. If family members need a place to stay, her and her husband will take them in. She is always taking her step son to soccer practice and games on weekends, even when it is cold and raining. She rarely misses a game. I find her dedication to family inspiring. We all know we can count on her help and she always has our family gatherings at her place. I think she deserves to be pampered for her giving ways.”

Shay’s Day Spa and Victoria Moms Blog agree! We are pampering this lovely lady with a donated packaged from Shay’s Day Spa!

Day 8 ::

“Not only is this woman the most amazing boss, friend and mother, she’s an amazing person. She is always putting everyone above herself and goes out of her way to help friend, family even strangers. Her devotion to her family, friends and work is honestly incredible. If need be, she will work extra long hours to help out her staff even if that means missing out on family time. She is a wonderful mother who is overworked and sometimes under appreciated by those around her. Her love for those she calls friends and family is deep and pure! If I ever need anything I know she’d drop everything to help me! Her children are going to grow up to be strong, empathetic, independent, well-adjusted and kindhearted adults. I believe she deserves something extra special this year for all that she does and for just being the amazing woman she is!”

Victoria moms blog agrees with you, and so does Wendy Hamilton Independent Consultant for Rodan + Fields. Wendy has put together a special self-care something for this deserving mama!